Make Your Social Media Content an Experience

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Rich, satisfying, feel good social media content is a lot like great coffee. It’s something many go out of their way to find, and participate in, over and over again.

Think of Starbucks. It’s not just their coffee, but a complete, desirable, multi-sensory experience that draws customers in. And like Starbucks, great content is much the same way. Think about this in two ways:

1. Readers return to websites and social media pages that deliver both well written content that has some internal value – knowledge, entertainment, belonging, prestige – and visual elements that round out the experience. The end result being a place where people want to spend a few moments of their limited free time.

2. Like coffee – from corner convenience stores, to fast food chains, to drive up kiosks, diners, boutique cafes and roasting leaders – social media content can be found everywhere. This makes it super convenient to repost to your social media pages for your guests and audiences. But this “instant content” is a lot like instant coffee. That’s not the experience they want, nor the best you can deliver. Right?!

The Starbucks experience that draws customers in does not happen without effort. They are not just serving coffee in a random interior setting. They are working it from all sides. You probably have an established social media audience – like Facebook or Twitter – that “likes or follows” what you offer and the experiences that you provide, just like Starbucks. When you pop up on their social feeds, or they visit your website, don’t serve them instant store brand coffee in the form of reposted content. Build on their experiences by offering unique content blends that enrich their lives, and makes them feel glad they sought you out, and enjoyed their time spent.

Feel good social media content is like great coffee. Rich, smooth, satisfying, and worth coming back for again and again.


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