How Engaging Social Media Content is like Greek Yogurt

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Richer and More Nutritious for You & Your Audience

I recently floated a yogurt-to-social media metaphor in a presentation to a flight school, comparing regular and Greek yogurt to everyday and enriched social media content. It seemed to go well and provided a fresh engagement point, so I thought I’d share. [Full disclosure, I’ve always been fascinated with popularity of Greek yogurt. How did people live without thick yogurt before?]

Everyday vs 50% More
Here we have two dairy products, packaged in the same proportions, and that come in many of the same flavors. The single striking difference is that the Greek variety boasts more nutrition and consumption benefits. And even with a price point that is about 30¢ higher per unit, consumers seek out and consume more Greek yogurt than the regular variety, everyday.

So how does this Relate to Social Media Content?

A good amount of social media content produced by flight schools falls into the regular yogurt category. For example, it’s common to see a Facebook post congratulating a new student for gaining his or her private pilot license, with a photo of them with the instructor in front of the plane. Simple, basic content nutrition, and in a continued yogurt comparison, puts a product on the shelf. [ie. something to post on social media]

flight school facebook postFrom my prospective, the ingredients contained in that single achievement offer so much more in complexity and content richness, that if processed just right, would provide for a more fulfilling and satisfying experience for both the source and end reader. For example, simply breaking down the license achievement into smaller milestones, purposes, or desires, enables us to reformulate the post content recipe into one that completely new and refreshingly engaging.

Re-formulated Post Copy, Now with Audience Engaging Richness

Remember your Day?
Training with CFI Tom S., Brian B. received his PPL in just under 10 months, which 80% of our students now achieve. First on his list, flying to Penn Sate home games with his buddies.

Please welcome Brian B. to our growing Wings Aviation Private Pilot Family!

This yogurt comparison applies not just to the text, but to the photograph as well. And unlike yogurt, where one recipe casts billions of servings, you can’t – or shouldn’t – simply repeat the same copy with each new pilot post. Ugh.

Of course separating content ingredients and reconfiguring them into something new is a lot like creating your own style of cookies from scratch. Seems simple, but often the end result is not something that would win any prizes or lasting customers. Here, like with creating rich communication content, it’s often better to leave it to those specifically experienced in the field.

So that’s how I see the comparison of social media content to yogurt. For me it’s clear, and the end results are always so much more satisfying.

Brett Bonnville
Chief Believer

social media content
Greek Yogurt Notes:
• Is popular for its high protein content and thicker texture
• Soared from 1% of yogurt sales in 2007 to 44% of the market in 2013
Comparision Facts: Greek style – 5.3 oz, 12 grams protein @ $1.09 | Regular style – 6 oz, 6 grams protein @ 69¢

A Side Article of Merit: [While you’ll have to jump past 2 annoying pop ups, I found it energizing]

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