Cats Don’t Fly

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social media litter box

Don’t get buried in social media cat litter.

Your biggest social media competitor – in terms of who’s stealing time away from your posted content – are cats.

Online, they seize a crazy amount of bandwidth, space, and peoples attention. Besides being somewhat entertaining, their bright, innocent eyes, combined with their tendency to live their lives like nothing is impossible, provides digital audiences with amusement and content that’s so easy to share. But, as an FBO location, flight school, or aviation services provider, you have one, cat immobilizing advantage. A single neutralizer that stiff-arms cat videos, photo opps, and selfies, and brings your content to a higher level of purpose… an audience that has a PASSION for aviation.

Flight, and all the experiences, opportunities, and enjoyment that comes with flying – specifically through your airfield or aviation business – is why your social media audience is following YOU. They WANT your content, they WANT to be inspired, they WANT to live the aviation lifestyle and experience more then they currently can. It’s their passion. It’s a subject of sky high interest. It’s your Red Barron advantage.

It’s also your responsibility to give your audience content that has real meaning. The social media cat craze doesn’t win audiences simply with, “this is my cat, six years old, ate a bug. I call him Buggy.” NO! They entertain, they pull at emotions, they relate to personal experiences, they show things not thought possible. All the same engaging content characteristics that your social media aviation efforts must, and can deliver.

social media litter boxYour social media fans have a deep passion for flight, and you’ve already won them over in some way, as they have made the purposeful decision to follow your business. Do not disappoint them. And don’t let your efforts end up in the graveyard of weak content. Fuel that passion to fly, and use your Red Barron advantage to lift your posts and content far above the social media cat bandits. Your audience will appreciate it, and your business will benefit from it.


Look great, engage your fans, and fuel that passion of flight.

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