Names in the Wind

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The planes just looked so lonely and bored on this gray, damp, and breezy day. Like they would rather be flying, enjoying the sky with their pilots and passengers.

Always looking for unique and unexpected ways to grab the aviation enthusiasts attention while communicating a beneficial and purposeful message, the idea for this social content was inspired at the time of the photograph. Here, as the wind was swirling about at various speeds, the idea of hearing the planes call out individual pilot names to come out and play was imagined.

While fresh and entertaining, the real value within this social media content idea was in choosing names of the more active fans of the flight school’s Facebook page to include in the copy. In doing this, we personally invited a handful of individuals to directly participate in this imaginative moment, allowing others to easily follow the story direction and play along.

Fresh, unexpected, and in a simple way, reader participative. Nice.

Shhh. If you listen closely, you can hear them calling very softly in the wind:

Johnny… Stephen… Frank… Thomas… Jill… Tony… Irit… Michael… Monica… Alexandru… Gwenn… Noel… Tomoko… Anthony… … … … fly us!


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