Pilot Training Difference

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pilot training

The primary purpose behind all social media content is to communicate with an established audience of admiring subscribers.

In this Facebook update, the effort was aimed at enhancing a flight school’s credibility with current, former, and future students by positioning its “pilot training” as a smart choice for “pilot” minded students. [Compared against other schools that emphasize: learn to fly, flight training, and flight instruction as their educational product.] What this social media post does as a flight school marketing message is it creates a distinctive, value enhanced perception for the school, its students, and potential employers.

Cropped and enhanced the photograph for message reinforcement and visual engagement.

Fixed wing and rotary, our purpose is clear… PILOT training.

It’s a distinction thats sets us a part – from the learn to fly, flight training, and flight instruction schools – and gives you an edge in advancing your piloting career and certification objectives.



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