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flight school scheduling tool

In today’s family, career, and youth sports centered lifestyles, allocating the time and making the commitment to an ongoing schedule for flight training is a challenge. Tying into the week’s trending topics, this social media post rides along with the news makers, highlighting a flight school scheduling tool that boldly claims space on the family calendar.

An additional feature of this post is how it connects with the reader, talking directly to them in, “YOU uncap… .” A nice touch that enhances its overall strength.

A single word tag line at the end provides enriched meaning and light humor.

Apple introduces a smaller iPhone. Nike unveils auto-lacing sneakers. Pope Francis goes on Instagram. A college student 3D prints his dental braces. You uncap a magnum size scheduling tool and claim space. Brilliant.
Flight lessons, recertification, rentals… questions? We’re ready for your call.
See you soon.

Names in the Wind is another flight school post that talks to the reader, calling several by name.


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