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social media for flight school business

Here I’ve selected a few flight school posts of mine that stand out on their own as Posts with Personality. Assembled as a short slide deck, I point out what makes them special – and to me as a creative, aviation content specialist – fist pumping champions of uniquely impressionable social media for flight school audiences.

While smartly crafted social media content will always out perform in the long run the traditional student achievement snapshot – in terms of company value and audience importance – audience engaging posts are not all created equal. Some do the important communication job with little fanfare, while other posts stand out, holding individual identities of their own. Much of the difference comes down to the development of the written and visual content, often specifically for the posting moment.

Easily flip thought these “talking” favorites below. [ you’ll see what I mean. 🙂 ]

* Suggestion: go to full screen for easier viewing.


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