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Using a recent post as an example, I highlight two basic elements that provided value for the flight school; former, current and perspective students; and the school’s social media audience.

1. This post works because it reflects value back to the flight school. [“…one of the advantages of flying through Ace Pilot Training.”] This is a BIG plus for both the school itself, and also for all students, as it adds reassurance to their decision in choosing this business for their pilot training and educational investment. Imagine yourself reading this post [shown below] as a current or prospective student and you’ll sense the impact that it adds over the countless other flight training choices. Push back value is something I rarely see other aviation schools or FBOs include when handling their own social media postings. [Looking at your most recent posts, what was the push back value?]

2. The other thing about this Facebook post is that it’s really not about the content. On the surface it’s not obvious, but one core objective of my work – or your work if you generate content yourself – is to maximize audience reach and engagement. It’s easy to put stuff on your social media sites, but if your reach and engagement are low – meaning few are reading or finding value in it, which you can view through your “Insights” tab – it’s pretty much worthless in terms of time invested or business value. [Looking at your most recent posts, what was your level or reach and engagement?]

While these two points seem like no-brainers, and appear easy to incorporate into your content, anticipate the difficulty – in the added time required – when you sit down to punch out your post for the week. It’s one of those things that’s easier then it looks.

Read more on the post used in the example HERE.


While it may appear to be more challenging to begin your pilot training from a towered airport – verses a non towered field – doing so early on puts you in a far more confident position to advance your skills and abilities.

A point most seasoned pilots would agree on, and one of the advantages of flying through Ace Pilot Training.


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