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Smart flight school social media content always needs to contain value for the reader, and when possible, for the school or FBO as well. In this recent premium Facebook posting, the communication objective was to utilize learning to fly out of a towered airport as an up front advantage over a non-towered field. Depending upon your viewpoint and FBO facilities, you could play this as an advantage, or disadvantage in your flight school marketing efforts. In this pilot training school’s viewpoint, it’s a huge advantage.

So in shaping out the message content, we acknowledged the obvious “more challenging” perception, but quickly close that down with wording that informs flight students of gaining a higher confidence level with tower experience early on in their learning. We know establishing confidence is a big part of recruitment and training. The message and reader value is then nailed tight with a reference to “seasoned pilots” and “one of the advantages.”

Short – 59 words in length – with value contained for both the reader and the flight school, this post did the job, much like an all-star athlete doing what he [or she] was brought in to do in moving the team forward.


While it may appear to be more challenging to begin your pilot training from a towered airport – verses a non towered field – doing so early on puts you in a far more confident position to advance your skills and abilities.

A point most seasoned pilots would agree on, and one of the advantages of flying through Ace Pilot Training.

How does this post create communication value? I explain HERE.


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