Mind Controlled Flight

mind controlled flight

The basis behind this social media post was to recognize an experiment in Electroencephalography and the piloting of a small general aviation aircraft through mind control. To bridge the gap between the article and the flight school’s social media audience, several members of their CFI team were photographed pondering the thought of mind controlled flight with some mental – and facial – stretching.

Informative and entertaining, the content delivered valued aviation knowledge, while the image created a bridge to connect students, pilots, and customers back to the flight school, and to the sourced article.

Coaxed CFI’s into participating and having some fun.. in which they did. Edited and cropped image for maximizing visual effect and message delivery.

Ace CFI team members – Travis, Zack, & Dmitriy – focusing their thoughts for some futuristic mind-controlled flight. Check out the article below for an explanation.

What are your… thoughts?



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