Don’t Treat a Facebook Business Page Like a Personal Page

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Aviation Social Media Strategy
Your Facebook Business Page is NOT like your Personal Page. Don’t Treat it Like One.

I come across many general aviation flight schools whose Facebook business page strategy is a takeoff of their personal Facebook postings. Whether the school’s owners post content, or have a CFI or line person handle it, the content topics and postings generally reflect the generic nature of personal pages. But business pages are entirely different, and are purposely established with business in mind. So it just makes sense that if you want some degree of business results, that your page content strategy takes a business approach.

Now, nothing against those posters that use their personal page experience as a guide to what to deliver on your business page, they innocently don’t know, or have little knowledge of the business difference. That’s where aviation content specialists, like myself offer a hanger full of difference and value.

Besides being for “business,” how is your Facebook business page not like your personal page? Here are three business page strategy points and what makes them of business and marketing value:

– People are following your business based upon either the services you provided to them, or the topic specific content that your business page is about. They are NOT following you personally. Again, this is a business page. Use it as a flight school, rental, training, education or FBO services communication, validation, and credibility power tool!

– You’ve inspired or made them happy in some way, and so they’re following you. If they’ve come to your flight school, and enjoyed the donuts that you provide after each lesson, well then donuts could be your thing. But did they come IN as customers for the donuts? Not likely. So give them content that fuels that personal interest and made them walk through your doors. Unless it is the donuts, don’t be posting about them.

– Again, the purpose of this page is business. Think about who you’re writing for and the topic that is of interest to them. Bragging, reposting popular aviation videos, or streaming a month of first solos only goes so far, especially if there is no value point for the reader. Look at it from your own perspective with Facebook business pages that you follow. Which inspire your interests and which of those wonder off interest topic?

Don’t be a poster of non-relevant business content – or donuts – to your flight school’s Facebook business page. Dedicate the time to make your social media business page work for you or, team up with an aviation content specialist to be your all-star hitter.


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