In addition to the three flight school social media need points displayed above – which are functional results that you would gain in utilizing my services – an equally significant business advantage is the enhanced social media “experience” you deliver to your audience. Here I’m talking emotional appeal, conveyed through smartly crafted wording and images, that fuels and ignites that passion of flight within each fan, follower, or visitor. And while logic and rules enable the process of flight, it’s emotions that move people into flight schools and toward learning to fly. [Right?!]

If you’re not excited about your social media content or presence, chances are neither is your audience. Let’s change that!

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For a handful of observations and comparisons about flight school social media marketing – Don’t Treat a Facebook Business Page Like a Personal Page, Make Your Social Media Content an Experience, How Engaging Social Media Content is like Greek Yogurt, and others – visit my Observations page for perspectives I’ve written. They may shed light on the potential and opportunities you hold.